The closing national festival of Intercultural Joint Awareness Raising (INJAWARA) project was held on Friday and Saturday 23/24th January in the historic Ammohwstou Gate in the old city of Nicosia in collaboration with Fanerwmeni School, the Cyprus Youth Council and the NGO support center.

INJAWARA was a, CARDET run, 2 year project directed to European Youth with a goal to increase awareness of local youth to global issues to provide an alternative narrative that can hopefully raise the discourse focusing on the global challenges of our era and imagine sustainable future based on our collaborative actions.

The path for that sustainable future is founded on the principle of understanding cultural and individual diversity and to accept that all people have some immutable characteristics in the process of becoming Global citizens.

In line of this core belief our festival celebrated multiculturalism with traditional dances from Georgia and Ponto, African, Cypriot bands and DJ. We also held discussions and workshop about Global Supply and Value Chains which is currently the predominant way of understanding about the connection of the global individual to us. An open photo exhibition aimed at sensitizing and plaster installment where people were allowed to connect with a fun activity represented the two pillar process followed during the project, namely knowledge and utilizing the fun medium.

Close to 200 individuals stepped by the event and where involved in various activities through the two days festival. Incorporated in both days our volunteers and volunteers from France exchanged thoughts and ideas about what their respective experiences.