On September 20, 2014, CARDET disseminated information on 12 of its current projects at the 4th Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Fair, which was organized by the NGO Support Center and the Cyprus Youth Organization at the Faneromeni square inside the walled city of Nicosia.

Many Cyprus-based Non-Governmental Organizations participated in the Fair aiming to inform the general public of their work and promote their projects, thus attracting more widespread engagement.

CARDET participated in the Fair by disseminating 12 of the projects that it currently runs in the fields of educational technology, digital media, awareness-raising, synergy strengthening, sustainable development, and entrepreneurship.

The specific projects on which CARDET disseminated information are:

METIS - Meets teachers' co-design needs by means of Integrated Learning Environments

IN.J.AWA.RA - Promotes the intercultural dialogue among the Global Youth

GLOBAL CAMPUS - Aims to increase the awareness, critical understanding and informed, constructive action for development of University students

ALPHAEU - Uses digital media to enhance interactivity, stimulate curiosity, and encourage children to explore differences and similarities between languages and how languages work

SCIFIED - Aims to create and disseminate a SciFi Education Toolkit, which will strive to convince, guide, and support educators in introducing Science Fiction in education

BADGE - Aims at providing business advice and guidance training for women entrepreneurs

ALDO - Aims to research Information and Communication Technologies education and training opportunities for disabled people in order to create an appropriate and robust assessment mechanism and to provide support for teachers and trainers by providing best practice models

PREATY - Proposes modern e-assessment approaches and tools to young and experienced in-service teachers

MOTHERS AND CHILDREN IN L2 - Primarily aims at promoting the learning of the second language to migrant mothers for greater integration and other issues such as nutrition, health, education, new technologies and state issues

PINECL - Aims at providing parents with an educational platform that gives them access to an accredited curriculum, health, and the support of a network

MEET - Seeks to set up a model multidisciplinary task force to tackle inequalities in social and health care access by migrant citizens in different contexts

MAKE THE LINK - Envisions integrating issues around technology justice and sustainable development into the Design and Technology, Physics and Home Economics curricula of the secondary education in Cyprus

INTO - The project “Intercultural Mentoring tools to support migrant integration at school” (INTO), aims to promote strategies and methods that help students with a migrant background at risk of early school leaving to maintain their motivation, through the development of an innovative model of “Intercultural Mentoring” and an Intercultural Mentoring Programme.