Development, the MDGs and Beyond 2015” (Global Campus) is a three-year (2013-2016) EuropeAid project. CARDET participates in the project as a partner, along with Suas Educational Development (Lead Partner - Ireland), Sudwind –die Agentur fur Sud-Nord Bildungs- und OffentlichkeitsarbeitGesmbH (Austria), and KOPIN (Kooperazzjoni Internazzjonalji) (Malta).

The project aims to contribute to a change in public attitudes in Austria, Cyprus, Ireland and Malta towards the issues that developing countries and their peoples are facing. Specifically it envisions increasing public support for action against poverty in Europe (Millennium Development Goals), supporting  fairer relations between developed and developing countries and strengthening of development policy and the promotion of policy coherence at national and European levels especially relating to migration, trade, security, human rights, environment and HIV/AIDS. 

The project targets the “interested majority” (i.e. students from a wide range disciplines who are not formally studying development but are interested and want to engage) in 13 University locations across 4 European countries and 8 regions.  The project focuses on developing student competencies in addressing issues of global development through the use of learner-centred, participatory, dialogue-oriented and experiential methodologies. During the project 35,000 University students will be reached through large-scale coordinated programmes of awareness-raising activities, 900 University students will participate in part-time, evening courses in order to develop their critical understanding of global interdependence and development and their values, attitudes, roles and responsibilities in relation to a globalised society and 275 University students will participate in part-time, action learning programmes supporting them to engage with their peers and local communities on projects to eradicate poverty and promote justice, human rights and sustainable ways of living.